All about me, my family, and the other things I'm passionate about.

Welcome to my life!

My whole first name is J. and I get super excited for my kids’ birthdays, trips with my amazing wife, and weddings.  End of list.  I laugh inappropriately and cry easily.  When you catch me dancing at your reception, you’ll wonder if I’ve ever seen an actual human being rhythmically move their body before or if I had only read about the act in an old book.

Weddings are precious and magical things.  All of your stress and effort have one chance to come together and become a monument to your relationship and your future together, and we are going to absolutely nail it.  Curveballs will be thrown but we’ve seen them all before.  We spin bad weather into gold and turn pretty days into magazine covers.  We’re confident problem solvers that feed on a job that provides fun, new issues for us every weekend.  You’re going to feel amazing and look even better with us!

My technical focus is always on light, color, and sharpness.  Our style is classic, never light and airy or whatever will be trendy next year.  We shoot reality and multiply the gorgeousness by 10 and deliver the results to you.  Let’s talk soon, I just want to dance at your wedding.